China: 4 lakh people under lockdown as coronavirus cases rise

  • China: 4 lakh people under lockdown as coronavirus cases rise

China: 4 lakh people under lockdown as coronavirus cases rise

China imposed a strict lockdown on almost half a million people in a province surrounding the capital to contain a fresh coronavirus cluster yesterday, as the authorities warned the outbreak was still "severe and complicated".

As a result, health officials announced on Sunday that the county would be "fully enclosed and controlled".

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist with the China CDC, told local media on Monday that cases in Beijing will probably reach zero in a week because most of the infections being reported are people already being quarantined, not those who recently underwent mass testing.

Anxin lies around 150 kilometers (90 miles) south of Beijing, where a small outbreak this month was met with "wartime" measures.

Only essential workers are free to leave their homes, while one member of a household is allowed to go out once a day to shop for necessities, the BBC reported.

No non-residents will be allowed to enter buildings, communities or villages, according to the BBC.

As of Saturday, China reported a total of 84,725 COVID-19 cases, with 4,642 deaths.

The guidelines stipulate that residents with respiratory infections should avoid going to public places and if they do under unavoidable circumstances, they must wear masks, reports Xinhua news agency.

The move comes after another 14 cases of the virus were reported in the past 24 hours in Beijing, taking the total number of cases in the city of over 20 million to 311.

All 17 of the locally transmitted new cases were reported in the capital.

While this is a small number compared with the thousands of daily cases in the US or South America, China reacted quickly to contain any spread. How the virus came roaring back in the city after 55 days without any cases is still a mystery.

Of the 12 new cases of coronavirus found in the county, 11 were linked to Xinfadi, the state-run Global Times added.

After the pandemic emerged in China at the end of past year, the country has managed to get new infections to a consistently low level. The virus has since sickened 10 million globally and killed over half a million.

The country has "flattened the curve".

According to the latest figures from the national health authorities, four imported cases were also reported in Guangdong, Gansu, and Shanghai.