Community mourns death of beloved NYC doctor from COVID-19

  • Community mourns death of beloved NYC doctor from COVID-19

Community mourns death of beloved NYC doctor from COVID-19

Mr Mahoney functioned throughout both 9/11 and also the Aids Epidemic, and also Dr Robert F Foronjy, a doctor at the medical facility, informed the Times that he really felt that he required to keep on and also do his task, regardless of the absence of PPE and also the severity of the infection.

Mahoney was surrounded by a constant stream of colleagues and well-wishers in the hospital where he had spent almost 40 years of his life.

"There have been individuals who have been actually reluctant to enter the rooms, and you may perceive why", he stated. "He saw another human being in need, and he didn't hesitate to help". From the time he took himself to the hospital's emergency room, suffering from shortness of breath, he was treated by his colleagues in the same hospital where he had worked and studied since 1982.

Mahoney's older brother, Dr. Melvin Mahoney said that the virus could not shake him to come out of his 2014 retirement because he was at high risk due to his age.

"As a young black man, I looked at this guy and said to myself, 'Twenty years from now I want to be like him, '" said one of Mahoney's former students, Latif A. Salam.

The hospital served a predominantly black group, and Mr. Mahoney was an inspiration to African American college students, based on the Occasions. Someone that you can be one day.

Compared to other NY hospitals, University Hospital is known to be severely underfunded, and a place that serves much of Brooklyn's poor and black community. He was admitted to the hospital on April 20 and could barely walk, according to the Times.

"I got to visit him, hold his hand", Mr Foronjy claimed. "He and I knew how serious this was".

When the hospital had to use duct tape and plastic tarps to separate COVID-19 patients and rely on paper and pen to take vital signs rather than the computer systems other hospitals use, Mahoney's work ethic and generosity kept the staff going, his colleagues said.

Dr. Mahoney leaves behind three children and his ex-wife, along with all of his colleagues who loved him so dearly.

"We were all his relatives", Dr. Foronjy said.