Calls Grow To Release Transcripts Of Flynn's Contacts With Russian Ambassador

  • Calls Grow To Release Transcripts Of Flynn's Contacts With Russian Ambassador

Calls Grow To Release Transcripts Of Flynn's Contacts With Russian Ambassador

Her attorneys have said the same thing.

After asserting Rice's message showed no discussion of law enforcement matters or investigations took place, Pelton said: "the email clearly states that President Obama stressed that he was 'not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective".

The FBI, not the National Security Agency which has its own network of high-tech eavesdropping techniques, that scooped up Flynn, former officials told the paper.

While Comey describes his probe of Flynn as "proceeding "by the book" after Obama repeatedly stresses he wants only a "by the book" investigation - both parties presumably hoping to avoid exactly the sequence of revelatory events that are now unfolding - recently-unsealed documents from the case against Flynn indicate the general was entrapped, with the FBI's goal being to "prosecute him or get him fired" with an ambush-style interview. "It's written so if the contents of that meeting are ever exposed, that the history will be written in their narrative".

Sens. Grassley and Johnson say the administration's deep-state surveillance operation on the Trump campaign involved unmasking even more US citizens tied to the campaign that preceded the official launch of Crossfire Hurricane.

"Who writes an email on Inauguration Day saying 'we did everything by the book?'" the official asked. "You only write an email like that to yourself to protect yourself because you have concerns that perhaps there is a problem".

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's lawyer is joining a call for the transcript of conversations between her client and former Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak to be released. "Comey replied "potentially.' He added that he has no indication thus far that Flynn has passed classified information to Kislyak, but he noted that the 'level of communication is unusual"," the email added. But Comey's remarks had been classified until this week.

Obama asked Comey if he was saying the National Security Council should not share sensitive intelligence about Russian Federation with Flynn, to which Comey replied: "Potentially".

Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Mark Warner (D-Va.) sent a letter to acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell on Wednesday requesting that he declassify and make public the underlying intelligence reports in which Obama officials "unmasked" the identity of Michael Flynn, Politico reports. "It was owned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they have possession of it, and so I think it's very valid to ask who knew about this information".

The previous day, the FBI field office assigned with investigating Flynn attempted to close the case against him, called CROSSFIRE RAZOR, after having found "no derogatory information" to justify continued inclusion in the overarching CROSSFIRE HURRICANE probe (the "Russian collusion" investigation). "They pulled the pin on the grenade, threw it and this email is them hiding behind the sandbags". "Based on our investigation and recent press reports, we are increasingly concerned that the surveillance of USA persons affiliated with the Trump campaign began earlier than the opening of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane investigation in late July 2016".

It remains unclear who may have leaked the details.

The Obama administration wanted to stop Flynn from having his position because he knew, as Rick put it, '...where the bodies were buried in the Obama administration.' The protection of those intelligence assets and officials who were illegally unmasking and spying on Trump campaign officials is what this 3-1/2 year fight is all about.

"You can not have a law enforcement agency have people within it that break the law".