Valorant is getting a full release in June

  • Valorant is getting a full release in June

Valorant is getting a full release in June

Riot's team-based multiplayer shooter, Valorant, finally has a release date.

The announcement comes from The Game Awards' stream. After a successful run in its closed beta status, the community since April has been eagerly waiting for the game's fully fledged launch after the latter has already promised their prowess among other FPS titles.

At this point, you all know that the Valorant closed beta ends on May 28, but in a blog post straight from the Valorant devs, it has been confirmed that the beta will shut down at 9 am PT (12 pm ET/5 pm BST) in all regions. In response, Riot updated the driver to allow it to be more easily deactivated or uninstalled, but still require that it is running at system boot in order to play the game.

"With VALORANT being the grand unveiling of Vanguard, we've gotten a lot of inputs that help us understand what cheats-and forms of cheating-we can effectively deter with the platform", Riot said in a developer's post.

For those who managed to get into the beta, Riot says their progress will be reset and they "will start fresh, progressing from the same starting line as they compete with players around the world". "On our current short-term roadmap is to get new game server deployments in Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas".

Riot says India won't be getting dedicated servers at launch but, Indian players will be routed to SEA servers.

A new character, game mode, and combat map will be released along with the new game, as well as several new weapon designs. However, Taiwanese players need only wait for a few weeks for Valorant to launch officially there.