Google Stadia Exclusivity Delays Serious Sam 4 on PS4 Until 2021

And you'll be able to find out how sweet it is to kill hoards of demons this summer when Serious Sam 4 launches on PC and Google Stadia.

After years of speculation and waiting on Croteam to shed some light on the title, it's great to have something set in stone. And, considering the PS5 will be out by then we shouldn't be surprised if we see a PS5 release in 2021.

On the Serious Sam Steam page, Devolver Digital has posted a number of other Serious Sam 4 videos, including looks at battles, enemies, weapons, music, and the legion system, which allows thousands of enemies to exist on the battlefield.

Serious Sam 4 is slated to comes out sometime in August. After further inquiry, Kotaku received confirmation that Serious Sam 4 would come to PS4 next year.

While I'm still a bit dubious about the game running smoothly with "hundreds of thousands" of enemies in a single area, I'm sure as hell excited to check it out. It looks to be a natural way to escalate the scale of Serious Sam without losing that core fast-action shooting.

The game will also feature vehicles such as motorcycle, a combine or even a bulletproof popemobile so that players can drive their way through unfortunate enemy pedestrians. And addressing a common complaint about the relatively slow start of Serious Sam 3: BFE, which opened with several levels of conventional machine-gun action against relatively normal, human-like enemies, Sekulić said that Serious Sam 4 will "go with full Sam from the beginning".