Feds readying to recommend contact tracing app

  • Feds readying to recommend contact tracing app

Feds readying to recommend contact tracing app

In order for people to move around freely again and get back to their routine, Trudeau said there must be a coordinated approach across the country so Canadians feel safe reopening the economy.

She said a full explanation of the new recommendation by the national special advisory committee on COVID-19 will be published later Wednesday.

"Don't assume that someone who isn't wearing a mask or is wearing something different doesn't have an actual reason for it".

Horgan said he expects that anyone riding public transit will see an increasing number of people wearing masks and other personal protective equipment.

Tam said initially it was believed the novel coronavirus was only spreading from people showing symptoms. That understanding has changed, as it is now known people can transmit the virus days before symptoms show up. She did not suggest she regrets recommending against using face masks earlier.

"These federal resources are available to assist provinces and territories with any surges, or backlogs or challenges they have in contact-tracing".

With more aspects of society beginning to reopen, current testing rates are still lacking, particularly in Ontario and Quebec where the majority of current COVID-19 cases are.

Speaking to reporters outside Rideau Cottage in Ottawa on Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin said he has started wearing a mask when he is out of his home and can't be two metres away from others at all times.

The prime minister has unveiled what needs to be done across the country. He took it off when he stood to speak.

"I will certainly be wearing a mask if I can't physically distance, and I encourage all other British Columbians to do the same thing", said Horgan in his daily briefing.

Several businesses in the Lower Mainland have already asked customers to wear masks when entering their premises, including the T&T Supermarket at Coquitlam Centre and several Starbucks locations.

Trudeau said again that the best measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 are to stay two metres apart, to stay at home whenever possible and to wash hands regularly and frequently.

"In addition, where COVID-19 activity is occurring, use of non-medical masks or face coverings is recommended as an added layer of protection when physical distancing is hard to maintain".

At the time, Tam stopped short of offering an official recommendation on wearing non-medical masks.

Federal public health officials are now officially recommending that people wear non-medical masks in situations where physical distancing isn't possible.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not formally recommended wearing masks and has said the evidence is inconclusive on whether people who are asymptomatic should wear them.

"The concept is one, I think, of reciprocal protection", Dr. Tam said.