Coronavirus US: Nurse loses 50lb after battle with illness

  • Coronavirus US: Nurse loses 50lb after battle with illness

Coronavirus US: Nurse loses 50lb after battle with illness

The 43-years old nurse took to Instagram and shared a comparative pictorial IG post, one that was taken at a hospital and the other about a month before he fell sick due to Coronavirus.

The formerly buff nurse was nearly unrecognizable in the new photo he shared from the hospital.

He shared before-and-after photos to illustrate just how serious COVID-19 can be.

This 30-year-old model, for example, was left gasping for breath in hospital and subsequently warned young people to take coronavirus seriously. He said it exhausted him to stand up from the bed for a few minutes to take the picture.

"About four weeks in, the nurses were nice enough to FaceTime with him".

"One of the doctors said early on I was probably going to be intubated, and it freaked me out", he told BuzzFeed.

"They took him right in and didn't let me stay to say goodbye", Hebblethwaite said.

Young nurse infected with COVID-19 shares shocking before and after photos

Feeling weak was one of the most frustrating parts of getting infected by COVID-19. "I couldn't hold my cellphone". "I pretty much cried when I looked in the mirror".

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been near enough common knowledge that those who are most at risk at the elderly and people with underlying health conditions, but as time has gone on, various stories have emerged demonstrating that the virus can have severe consequences for those outside these groups. When Schultz entered the hospital, he weighed a well-stacked 190 pounds with an apparent BMI of zero. After he was discharged and started eating again, he was able to get his weight back up to 140 pounds.

The San Francisco nurse had assumed he wasn't at risk of contracting the virus when he attended the Winter Party Festival in South Beach Miami, between March 4 and 10, when COVID-19 first hit the US. Almost 40 people from that event contracted the virus and 3 died.

But just a week later he began feeling ill, and within days he was in hospital with a bad fever and fluid in his lungs as he began a weeks-long fight for his life. He was a little under the weather but did not have a fever. Schultz had felt that his lungs were filled with liquid.

Soon after he was transferred to a major hospital and later intubated for nearly five weeks as doctors tried to beat the COVID-19 virus that had taken hold of his body.

"It did taste different".

"I didn't think [the coronavirus] was as serious as it was until after things started happening", he told BuzzFeed News.