‘Avatar’ Sequels Set to Resume Production in New Zealand

Now, producer Jon Landau has announced that the shooting of the film will soon be back on track.

In a post on his Instagram on Thursday, Landau teased the latest of many on-set photos of Avatar 2, but with an exciting new reveal: Avatar 2 filming will resume next week. A few concept artworks have also been shared to give fans a glimpse at the new backdrop the film will be set in that is a stark contrast to the forest setting we saw in "Avatar".

"Check out the Matador, a high speed forward command vessel (bottom) and the Picador jetboat (top) - can't wait to share more".

After the local film industry was halted, New Zealand's health and safety production protocols have now been endorsed by the Government so filming can resume.

According to the New Zealand Film Commission, every production in the country will now be required to complete a registration with portal ScreenSafe in order to help the Ministry of Health with contact tracing and WorkSafe with monitoring.

Production on Avatar 2 wasn't really delayed too much, so chances are it will still arrive in theaters next December as planned. As of now, the sequel has the release date of December 2021. The alternating schedule also allowed for the post-production and visual effects teams to start working without having to wait until the end.

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