Arrivals to UK face 14-day quarantine under government plan

  • Arrivals to UK face 14-day quarantine under government plan

Arrivals to UK face 14-day quarantine under government plan

Britain will introduce a COVID-19 quarantine for travellers arriving from overseas from June 8, interior minister Priti Patel said on Friday, a measure that airlines have warned will devastate their industry.

The new rules will apply to all worldwide arrivals except Ireland from June 8 and come after weeks of calls for tougher restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19.

"When it comes to air bridges. we should be absolutely open to all ideas, this is not for today but this doesn't mean we should rule this out in the future", she said.

Fines of £1,000 (1,100 euros) would be handed out to those breaking the restrictions.

If on arrival they have not, they will have one last chance but continued failure to do so will result in a £100 fine, which could multiply up to £3,200.

Travellers to the United Kingdom will be expected from 8 June to provide contact and address details, as well as an outline of their travel plans, said Paul Lincoln, the head of the UK's Border Force.

In extreme circumstances Border Force officers could refuse entry to any non-British citizen or non-British resident who has decided not to fill in the form or not take part in the self-isolation period.

Rule breakers would face a 1,000 pounds (1,217 US dollars) fixed penalty notice in England and border force will be able to refuse entry to any non-British citizens who refuses to comply with these regulations, said the Home Office in a statement.

People should use personal transport, such as a auto, to travel to their accommodation where possible.

The government is expected to announce that all global arrivals, including returning Britons, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and provide details of where they will be staying to the authorities. The Home Office said this will be at a hotel.

Healthcare professionals travelling to work in the crisis, seasonal agricultural workers and those working in freight and road haulage, among others, who will also be exempt.

They could also be contacted regularly over the 14-day period to ensure they are complying.

France says it may quarantine people arriving from an area "where the virus is circulating", but it has not published a list of targeted areas. If their suspicions are raised, police will be sent to your address to investigate.

I have a holiday booked later in the summer, what do I do? The quarantine is due to come into effect on June 8 and will be reviewed every three weeks, meaning the first will be on June 29.

At the daily briefing, government chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance said children were at "low risk, not zero risk" from coronavirus and that reopening schools would push up infection rates.