The Walking Dead, That Was One Goofy-Arse Episode

  • The Walking Dead, That Was One Goofy-Arse Episode

The Walking Dead, That Was One Goofy-Arse Episode

Now I'm not a huge fan of Carol's, but this made me feel for her. The April 5 episode will be entitled "The Tower", and will feature the communities preparing for the final battle of the Whisperer War. First and foremost, Beta has taken control of the Whisperers' horde of zombies, and completely lost his mind.

Grabbing the Whisperer, he gets out his knife, but that voice tells him to be patient again and walk. The settlement is completely empty, and there's something deeply amusing about seeing Beta at the base of the windmill, staring out at the million zombies who have filled Alexandria to the brim, and clearly having no idea what to do. It's even funnier when Alden pokes his head out from the top of the windmill, where he and Aaron are hiding.

Well, the remaining people of the Hilltop massacre, Alexandria and Oceanside, have gathered at a tower. When they finally make it out, our group realizes that Princess essentially took them the long, unsafe way around. While collecting some parts for Luke, Carol and Kelly have a chat.

Judith also has some inner fear, anger, and hate, let's hope she doesn't go to the dark side. She then goes to tell Carol she heard the stories about her in the old days, she goes off and does things that only she can do, that is her superpower. She wants Daryl to promise he will never leave but he says no one can promise that but she has a family that will always protect her.

In comparison, the scene where the other super-macho badass comforts a young girl is much more reasonable.

Daryl finds Judith in the woods killing walkers.

After nearly getting them killed in a minefield, they finally arrive and find out she meant bicycles.

US: You've got plenty of option so take you're pick!

Daryl is out in the woods, he calls Michonne on the radio but she doesn't answer. Daryl shoots and catches her in her chest.

Daryl and Judith are still walking, Judith says she can't believe they just left her in a ditch. "She doesn't want her friends to get into it". She's supposed to be annoying. Will Eugene and the groups meeting with Stephanie turn out to be too good to be true? They've gone this far; they may as well see what vehicles she had.

Meet Princess, the insane girl that Eugene, Ezekiel, and Yumiko meet.

The Walking Dead viewers have spent a few weeks reeling.

It's unclear whether we might see the Commonwealth in episode 16 of Season 10 when it eventually airs, or if that reveal is being saved for Season 11, but the show has hinted towards the existence of this massive settlement at several points over the course of the series - particularly in the character of Georgie, a well-organized (and surprisingly clean) leader of a mysterious community who ended up recruiting Maggie, who many fans assumed was an analog for the comics' Commonwealth leader, Pamela Milton. It's goofy as hell, and it's still absolutely going to lead to someone getting killed. But we think she will be back in fall 2020 as well.

The "cascade" gag in the minefield was telegraphed a mile and a half away, but it still worked for me. This is all fine and dandy, until that escaped Whisperer starts sneaking around.

Meanwhile, the King, Yumiko, and Eugene are getting to know Juanita, AKA Princess better. No matter what, though, their mission has already partially succeeded: Princess has candy!