Japan Won’t Hesitate to Declare Emergency if Needed: Nishimura

  • Japan Won’t Hesitate to Declare Emergency if Needed: Nishimura

Japan Won’t Hesitate to Declare Emergency if Needed: Nishimura

Global cases of the new coronavirus have shot past 1 million with more than 64,000 deaths. Calls for more stringent measures to contain the deadly virus had been growing, as a recent spike in infections sparked concerns Japan is headed for a crisis on the levels seen in the USA and several countries in Europe.

Across Japan, the number of infections has climbed to 3,278 as of Saturday afternoon.

The coronavirus situation is "very tense", Nishimura said in a television program earlier in the day, when asked about the possibility of the government declaring a state of emergency.

He says there needs to be more testing.

The capital was working with the government to secure accommodations, she said, while Prime Minister Abe has said utilizing facilities that had been set up for the Summer Olympic Games - now postponed by a year - was under consideration.

Pressure had been mounting on the government to make the move as the pace of infections continues to accelerate - particularly in the capital - even though it remains slow for now compared with the United States, countries in Europe and China, where thousands have died.

"Although we have confidence in the health care system in Japan today, we believe that a significant increase in Covid-19 cases will make it hard to predict how the system will work in the coming weeks., American citizens with pre-existing medical conditions may not be able to receive the medical care they used to in Japan before the Covid-19 pandemic".

"While we have confidence in Japan's health care system today, we believe a significant increase in COVID-19 cases makes it hard to predict how the system will be functioning in the coming weeks".

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and Abe implore the public to stay at home, avoid travel and practice social distancing.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to declare a state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak in Japan, due to the recent surging COVID-19 cases in Tokyo and other large cities, government sources said Monday. And despite the temporary closure of some Japanese department stores and around 500 Starbucks stores, many bars and restaurants remain open and full of customers.

The health ministry also said there are now a total of 73 patients considered severely ill and are on ventilators to receive respiratory assistance or have been admitted to intensive care units for medical treatment.