Germany and France Blame Americans for Playing Dirty Over Masks

  • Germany and France Blame Americans for Playing Dirty Over Masks

Germany and France Blame Americans for Playing Dirty Over Masks

3M CEO Mike Roman said Friday that the company has been ramping up its production of 10 million N95 face masks for the US even before Trump invoked the DPA.

Germany is the third-worst-affected country by the coronavirus pandemic in Europe after Italy and Spain.

Mr Geisel said: "We consider that an act of modern piracy".

It would be a "mistake" for the United States to stop masks badly needed by health care professionals from coming into Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday.

"A load was taken from us by Americans who overbid on a batch that we had identified", Valerie Pecresse, regional president of Paris, told broadcaster LCI Thursday. "This is not how you deal with transatlantic partners", Geisel said.

Berlin mayor Michael Mueller called the alleged incident "inhumane and unacceptable" and Berlin's state interior minister Andreas Geisel said the global crisis didn't excuse using what he called "Wild West methods".

United States officials have denied these accusations as well.

In France, regional leaders have been reported as now struggling to secure medical supplies as American buyers outbid them.

Île de France leader Valérie Pécresse said: "We lost an order to the Americans who outbid us on a shipment that we had lined up".

"American pay three or four times the amount we pay, and in cash".

"I had found a stock of masks available, but the Americans outbid", said Valérie Pécresse, the president of the Paris region's governmental council.

3M has been forced by the USA federal administration to supply the country with as many medical-grade masks as possible.

Ms Küfner suggested the claim of having masks seized could be a particular embarrassment to the German Government after the Department of Defence last week lost track of a German army shipment of six million face masks during transit in Kenya. 3M said 10m N95 masks that it produced in China will be shipped to the US.

3M says it has no record of Berlin's order and an anonymous USA official called the reports completely false. 3M objected to stopping those exports.

"On Friday, a shipment of millions of gowns, facemasks, eye protection, sanitiser, and gloves arrived", said the First Secretary of State. But he stressed the advisory was purely voluntary, and that he would not be heeding the recommendation himself.

Elsewhere in the USA - now the world leader in Covid-19 infections - two of the principal virus hot spots reported their biggest jumps in deaths yet. Surging deaths in New York City and New Orleans showed that a wave of lethal coronavirus infections expected to overwhelm hospitals, even in relatively affluent, urban areas with extensive healthcare systems, has begun to crash down on the US.

As the coronavirus epidemic worsens in the USA - it now has more cases than anywhere else in the world - this isn't the first time that the country's government or private firms have been criticized for attempts to obtain protective gear by any means necessary, including paying much higher prices.