Ecuador VP apologises after virus corpses left on streets

  • Ecuador VP apologises after virus corpses left on streets

Ecuador VP apologises after virus corpses left on streets

"We're building a special camp for the fallen", he said. "I have my mother who is 80 who is also having respiratory problems".

Authorities collected at least 150 corpses from streets and homes earlier this week, but did not confirm how numerous dead were victims of the outbreak.

Guayaquil resident Stalin Briones, who has posted videos and photos of bodies on Twitter, and others have criticized the government's response amid the pandemic. "No one wants to recover them".

"What happens with our sick too?" she adds. Last week, authorities said they had removed 100 corpses from homes in the port city.

Men wearing biological safety suits stand outside Carlos Andrade Marin Hospital in Quito, Ecuador. People have shared the video of the bodies in the hospital. The woman has died two weeks after being diagnosed. According to a hospital source who asked not to be identified, there were no beds available and her body was left out for nearly four hours before it was taken away.

Moreno said the government expected the total number of deaths in Guayaquil's surrounding province of Guayas, home to 3.8 million Ecuadoreans, to reach between 2,500 and 3,500.

At the global level, are reported 45 thousand 489 deaths and 910 thousand 352 confirmed cases, according to information Bloomberg.

Travel restrictions and closure of the country's borders have been placed by the country's President Lenin Moreno.

Ecuador's funeral parlors, hospitals, and morgues have been overwhelmed with the piling number of deaths in the country because of the novel coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Viteri promised that the unclaimed bodies will be stored in three refrigerated cargo containers as they are still working on the plans on building a new cemetery.

According to the BBC, the province of Guayas, where is Guayaquil, reported, to this day, more victims for the coronavirus that any of the Latin american nations: 60 dead, and a thousand 937-infected (mil 301, in the capital alone).

But for now, some of the living in Guayaquil remain trapped in a nightmare, with no way to mourn their loved ones, not even through a proper burial.