Churches adjusting on Palm Sunday

  • Churches adjusting on Palm Sunday

Churches adjusting on Palm Sunday

On an appeal by their religious groups and organizations, Christians did not gather at churches to celebrate the Palm Sunday but participated in the mass organized live by some churches.

For the third consecutive Sunday, devout Christians across the twin cities and the State were glued to the social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to hear the holy message from the respective preachers in view of the lockdown. The feast commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event mentioned in each of the four canonical Gospels.

Christendom marked the first day of the Holy Week yesterday, Palm Sunday.

Jerusalem's churches, like Muslim and Jewish places of worship, are closed to the public amid efforts to contain the coronavirus. However, prayers and masses will be aired live via Palestine Live TV so that those wishing to join the prayers may do so from their home.

This year because of the coronavirus outbreak things are being held differently.

The Palm Sunday is celebrated in many churches by processions in which branches of palms are carried. For the longest time, the clergy had maintained that watching mass from the comfort of your home was not as good as attending it in church - something that the Corona pandemic has turned on its head. "Following the restrictions determined by the civil authorities, it is therefore necessary for the celebrations at the Holy Sepulcher to be reduced accordingly, relative to the Corona Virus and in addition to the previously prescribed Status Quo agreements", he added.

Christians could not be on the streets for the usual processions through some principal streets of Takoradi amidst brass band music, waving palm fronds and singing Hosanna.