US dairy farmers dump milk

  • US dairy farmers dump milk

US dairy farmers dump milk

The instruction came after the dairy farmers' association and others met the officials of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock on March 25 seeking support and instruction to run their businesses during the countrywide lockdown.

She said farmers have no option but to continue producing quality dairy, with or without the consumer demand.

Mark Mueller, proprietor of Mueller Dairy Farm in Greenleaf states that on April 1, a vehicle driver from the Dairy Farmers of America notified them they needed to discard 56,000 extra pounds of milk. About one-third of the state's dairy products, mostly cheese, are sold in the foodservice trade.

"2020 did have the potential to be a good year for dairy farmers and we were really looking forward to this", said Crane.

"Schools are closed, restaurants are closed with limited circumstances so, that's changed the demand for the product", said Romanski. Now some dairy cooperatives are instructing their producers to dump their milk.

Dairy Farmers of America, which is made up of more than 13,000 US farmers, told Reuters that it was asking farmers in its organisation to dump milk, but would not specify how many. Some farmers say they will be paid for the milk they dump, but payments for all coop members will take a hit from lost revenues.

Despite strong demand for basic foods such as dairy products during the coronavirus pandemic, the milk supply chain is experiencing disruptions that are preventing dairy farmers from getting products to market and causing some to dump milk, according to a Reuters report.

"Direct relief to dairy farmers and a substantial purchase of dairy commodities by USDA can ensure our industry will remain fiscally able to function in its primary role of feeding the nation and the world", the groups wrote.