Based 3M Canada, pulled into Donald Trump maelstrom, eyes medical-mask options

  • Based 3M Canada, pulled into Donald Trump maelstrom, eyes medical-mask options

Based 3M Canada, pulled into Donald Trump maelstrom, eyes medical-mask options

The American-based manufacture of N95 respirator masks, 3M, has said the White House asked them to stop sending US-made respirators to Canada.

"We're working to engage at all levels with the administration, having very constructive conversations, highlighting that the flow of goods and services that are essential to both of our countries flow both ways across the border", he told reporters outside of his home in Ottawa.

"We have a couple million masks on order with 3M". "We need the masks". We don't want other people getting it.

N95s prevent users from inhaling viruses and are manufactured in the United States and other countries.

Critically ill patients can not be put on respirators to save lives.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has insisted that Canadian and USA emissaries were in ongoing talks to keep goods, services and commerce moving in both directions across a border already closed to non-essential traffic. The Trump administration issued an order under that act authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency to "use any and all authority available under the act to acquire, from any appropriate subsidiary or affiliate of 3M Company, the number of N95 respirators that the administrator determines to be appropriate".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday that he was not seeking punitive measures against the USA after the White House said it would stop exporting face masks outside the country.

Trudeau said that he plans on reminding the US Government of all the Canadian healthcare workers that cross the border every day to assist patients in US hospitals. "We know that it is in both of our interests to continue to work collaboratively and cooperatively to keep our citizens safe", he said. But until the retooled assembly lines are up to speed, Trudeau is looking for immediate sources of supplies.

"I've heard it's going to be a few days, and I've been hearing that for a few days and a few days have gone by - I am just all over this", Ford said.

"We don't have the hours, much less the minutes to deal with them", said Navarro, in response to which host Tucker Carlson remarked endearingly that the trade adviser continues to be "the most blatant public official in government".

Justin Trudeau is promising that Canada will soon receive millions of medical masks.

China has also launched a mission to burnish its image after being the first big epicenter of Covid-19 and has been offering its expertise and medical supplies to other parts of the world.

In another sign of the global shortage of materials, New York's governor Andrew Cuomo commended China for the 1,000 ventilators it sent to the state which is at the epicentre of the U.S. crisis.