Honda partners with GM to develop EVs

  • Honda partners with GM to develop EVs

Honda partners with GM to develop EVs

General Motors (GM) and Honda, two of the biggest players in the global automotive industry, are teaming up to produce a pair of all-new electric vehicles. Thing is, the announcement says the vehicles' exteriors and interiors will be exclusively designed by the Japanese auto manufacturer, and that the platform being developed by the two companies is being tailored to fit Honda's driving character. The Japanese brand will also create unique interior and exterior designs for them. More recently, Honda and GM established a relationship with regards to battery modules in 2018, as well as fuel cells for the Cruise Origin; Honda, after all, is the leading automaker in the field of fuel cell technology.

In a statement, American Honda Motor executive vice president Rick Schostek said "This collaboration will put together the strength of both companies, while combined scale and manufacturing efficiencies will ultimately provide greater value to customers". Both be based on GM's new electric vehicle platform and be powered by the company's Ultium batteries.

GM's Ultium battery and platform.

However, there will be some notable GM touches as both models will have OnStar. According to Schostek, the two companies "are in discussions with one another regarding the possibility of further extending our partnership". But as the conference market evaporates, and some advertisers pull in their budgets, readers can help by making a voluntary donation here to help ensure we can continue to offer the service free of charge and to as wide an audience as possible. Thankyou for your support.