RUMOR: Tom Brady had interest in Colts in free agency

  • RUMOR: Tom Brady had interest in Colts in free agency

RUMOR: Tom Brady had interest in Colts in free agency

Indianapolis' death on Tom Brady, 42, was not so simple.

According to NBC Sports NFL analyst Peter King, Tom Brady expressed interest in the Colts during his free agency, but Indianapolis ultimately chose to pursue former Raiders nemesis and Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.

King reported Monday that "Brady's camp had an interest in Indianapolis, quot; after the QB made a decision to leave New England". The Colts, after signing Philip Rivers, had a logjam at the position.

Indianapolis, which now has no quarterback on the books for 2021, plainly desired a bridge quarterback as the team continues to recuperate from Andrew Luck's unforeseen retirement last summertime.

The Colts weren't in the business of giving him anything close to that.

Brady, on the other hand, was looking for a multi-year engagement, among other elements.

Brady announced Friday he had signed with the Bucs on a contract that guaranteed him $50 million over two seasons and includes up to $4.5 million in incentives each season.

While the Colts' strategy at quarterback beyond 2020 is uncertain- they can conserve $15875 million versus the wage cap and cost themselves simply $5.5 million in dead money if they trade 2019 starter Jacoby Brissett this year- they did not wish to commit to an aging passer for more than a season.

Getting used to Brady in a Buccaneers uniform will take a while, but it would take even longer if he was wearing a Colts uniform. As constantly in the National Football League, familiarity plays a big role in free-agency finalizings.

Had Brady ended up staying in the AFC instead of joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that likely would have been another team the Raiders would have had to overcome in order to secure a wild-card spot in the playoffs.