Rita Wilson shares her cellphone number with fans

  • Rita Wilson shares her cellphone number with fans

Rita Wilson shares her cellphone number with fans

Rita Wilson offered a new update in her coronavirus recovery, giving fans her phone number to text her in a new video.

"Going stir loopy? Have a suggestion for my Quarantunes playlist?" Send me a text message! Still, the fact that you've set up a phone for this objective is a pretty unique way to connect with fans at a time like this. And yes. It's actually me.

She revealed the number to text her at, then concluded with, "I will get back to you in due time because I'm going to be probably spending a lot of time on text".

'I mean, not ACTUALLY touch. Fortunately, they're on the mend and practicing social distancing while they recover.

Stir insane: 'Going stir insane? Have a suggestion for my Quarantunes playlist? So now you can put Rita Wilson on your phone as a contact, which is pretty good.

In an accompanying video, Rita told her 965 000 Instagram followers, "I am going to give you my phone number". He encouraged fans to shelter in place to stop the spread of the virus: "Sheltering in place works like this: You don't give it to anyone - You don't get it from anyone". Textual content me! (310) 299-9260 - I'm supplying you with my cellphone quantity! 'That way I can let you know what I'm up to and where I'm gonna be and maybe tell you some things that will happen before they happen'.

Rita added: "So feel free to text me to my cell phone number".

"You may textual content me, and I'm going to textual content you again that means I can let you already know what I'm as much as, the place I'm going to be, possibly inform you some issues which are going to occur earlier than they occur".

She added her cell phone number, (310) 299-9260, before waving to her fans and ending on, 'Text you soon.

The multiple Oscar-winning actor was on Australia's Gold Coast to film an Elvis Presley biopic when he and Wilson, both 63, came down with the disease.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were some of the first celebrities confirmed to have contracted the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

On March 23, Tom Hanks once again took to Twitter to give a significant update on the status of their health after being on self-quarantine for nearly two weeks.

She stars alongside Chris Messina, Joanne Whalley and Rosanna Arquette, for writer-director Eleanor Coppola.