Morris County Correctional Facility Announces Release of Some County Jail Inmates

  • Morris County Correctional Facility Announces Release of Some County Jail Inmates

Morris County Correctional Facility Announces Release of Some County Jail Inmates

There is also the capability of isolating people if that becomes necessary, Kunkel said.

As Iowans - and people around the country - are grappling with changes to their daily lives, jails and prisons are facing their own challenges keeping staff and inmates safe. The release, which began today, is in compliance with a state Supreme Court order created to "minimize the risks of the spread of COVID-19 in correctional facilities", the sheriff's office said. "This was at the strong recommendation from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards", Stephens County Sheriff Will Holt said. Morris County Sheriffs Office Spokeswoman Peggy Wright said TAPinto Roxbury would have to file a request under the state Open Public Records Act (OPRA) to obtain that information.

Inslee's office said it's having ongoing conversations with the Department of Corrections (DOC) about the issue, but that no decisions have been made.

Florida is grappling with the emergency and, in a way, forcing everyone to re-evaluate how the state incarcerates people, said Shalini Agarwal, senior supervising attorney for criminal justice reform at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The justice committee also heard from Jo Farrar, chief executive of the Prison and Probation Service, who said 13 inmates had tested positive for coronavirus.

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"I hope that this causes a reckoning with really what's a sustainable incarcerated population and what's the aim of the incarceration", she said. "He is one of many older, sick and compromised prisoners who really now face a fate not of their making". The agency said it was "fully prepared" to handle any potential cases and has plans to prevent and contain any outbreak, even as the number of cases outside prisons across Florida continues to climb quickly.

But he said that risk would "have to be considered" as well as looking at options such as making use of release on temporary licence, bail accommodation and working out "what to do" with some 9,000 prisoners now on remand.

Each of the prisons in the system are now operating under capacity so that inmates who need to will be able to self isolate. Specifically, the petition seeks a court order directing that Secretary Sinclair has the authority to furlough prisoners to reduce the prison population. "Jail staff, trustees and inmates are encouraged to wash hands often and are provided soap and hot water to do so. This makes for a flawless storm for outbreaks of COVID-19".

Amnesty International UK's head of policy and government affairs, Allan Hogarth, said elderly prisoners and those with underlying medical conditions should "immediately" be considered for release "if they do not pose a threat to themselves or society".

The freed inmates were described by the Morris County Sheriff's Office as being "non-violent offenders". They submitted a letter to state and county officials with recommended changes in light of COVID-19. As of March 22, inmate visitation is canceled.