Boko Haram attack kills 92 Chadian troops: President

  • Boko Haram attack kills 92 Chadian troops: President

Boko Haram attack kills 92 Chadian troops: President

He made the remark on Sunday during his visit to Adamawa State to condole with the people of Garkida over its recent Boko Haram attack. At a place called "the Gorge", the soldiers were attacked from the rear when they advanced.

The ambush happened as the military tried to launch an offensive against the Boko Haram militants, according to a military official with knowledge of the operation that started over the weekend.

In Niger, 174 soldiers were killed in three attacks in January and December.

The base was taken by surprise by the 5am attack, the official said.

However, when the second wave of gallant troops began the back-up movement with a view to securing the already cleared areas in Buk, fifth columnists within allegedly tipped Boko Haram that the back-up fighting force was coming with trucks loaded with more bombs and artillery ammunition to finish any remnant of the terrorists group, hence the truck was targeted and its impact killed numerous soldiers.

"The Boko Haram terrorist utilised their rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) firepower and other support weapons on the vehicles which inflicted heavy casualties on the troops, wiping out the entire artillery troop", he revealed.

We need to confirm your email address. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak to the media about the matter.

Those wounded have since been evacuated to Damaturu and Maiduguri.

"For now, the detailed list of the casualties can only be ascertained after the entire troops have returned to Goniri", the source said. Some others who attempted to withdraw, were also mopped up by the jets in follow-on attacks.

"I lost a friend among the officers that died on Monday", he said.

Military authorities say they cannot suspend their operations in the country because "operations are not conducted in enclosures but in the open." .

Sagir Musa, colonel, and acting director army public relations did respond to the message sent to him.