Here's how much replacing a Galaxy Z Flip screen will cost

  • Here's how much replacing a Galaxy Z Flip screen will cost

Here's how much replacing a Galaxy Z Flip screen will cost

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S20 range, and the tech giant said that the phone's security includes a new "secure processor dedicated to protecting your PIN, password, pattern, and Blockchain Private Key". As per the information shared by a Korean publication and XDA Developers' Max Weinbach, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come with more interesting features and will be hitting the market sooner than expected.

According to the Samsung website, there will only be nine such zones for the Galaxy S20, compared to the 130 it had for the Galaxy Note 10 series in South Korea. I don't want to open up my Fold every single time, which is an annoying thing right now - hopefully this is fixed with the Galaxy Fold 2. And it sounded like it made a mindblowing breakthrough after claiming the use of "Ultra-Thin Glass" in their flips.

The cameras on Samsung's new phones are additionally a lot completely different than Apple's. In one of the early tests, the screen is checked, and shockingly, it holds up very poorly against any kind of scratching.

Questions have also been raised as to the durability of the "Ultra Thin Glass" screen as well.

The durability of the phone was also questioned by CNET, which subjected the Galaxy Z Flip to a drop test, finding that the phone shattered after being dropped from three feet while closed.

Beware of manufactured controversies should be the lesson from yesterday's brouhaha around the Galaxy Z Flip's ultrathin bendable display glass cover (UTG). It's sad to say that even a fingernail proves to be capable of scratching the screen.

Microsoft has seemingly held a growing love for the Android platform in recent months, instigating a relationship with Samsung and integrating the company's Your Phone app into Samsung smartphones. Samsung refers to the protective layer and how the device "should be handled with care".

Integrating blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into its phones is not novel for Samsung, as the company as shown itself as an advocate of blockchain technology and virtual currency. It launched in the United Kingdom on February 14 and costs an eye-watering £1,300.