New ‘Silent Hill’ Games Rumored - Including ‘Silent Hills’ Revival

  • New ‘Silent Hill’ Games Rumored - Including ‘Silent Hills’ Revival

New ‘Silent Hill’ Games Rumored - Including ‘Silent Hills’ Revival

This certainly seems to tie in with the rumours of a Silent Hills revival that we reported a few days ago, which includes details that Sony is now "serving in some kind of mediation role" between Kojima and Konami.

According to Rely on Horror, a reliable source has confirmed that key members of the original Silent Hill game are working on a reboot.

A couple of days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment was reported to be working on two Silent Hill games; one totally a new IP being developed by SIE Japan, and the other was a resurrection of the canceled Silent Hills that was under the direction of Hideo Kojima with Norman Reedus as the protagonist.

What kind of changes and improvements would you like to see them make in new a Silent Hill game? Let me first clarify upfront I'm not 100% clear on everything.

But it seems that Silent Hill is not the only IP of Konami that the Japanese company wants to recover, since a new rumor suggests that Castlevania and Metal Gear have their eyes set too. "I had heard murmurings about this a pair months in the past, however over time increasingly more stable proof that is the case has come forth". In accordance with experiences, Sony is making an attempt to patch issues up between Kojima and Konami to deliver a Silent Hill sport to life. Interestingly this new version would reportedly be "more akin to a TellTale/Supermassive narrative-driven title" but with "full creative freedom" for Kojima.

What we can't corroborate are the claims that Masahiro Ito, Keiichiro Toyama and Akira Yamaoka have been brought in to helm the development of the reboot, as plans were changing fast and drastically back then to prepare for the launch of the PlayStation 5. However, the reports also note that this largely depends on Konami and Kojima Productions coming to terms.

These are exclusively experiences to date and no official affirmation has been acquired from both celebration.