2nd New York Yankees Player Tests Positive For The Coronavirus

  • 2nd New York Yankees Player Tests Positive For The Coronavirus

2nd New York Yankees Player Tests Positive For The Coronavirus

A second New York Yankees minor leaguer has tested positive for the new coronavirus, a person familiar with the diagnosis told The Associated Press.

Despite baseball's competitive nature, executives across the league came together to provide funds for workers.

Major League Baseball responded to the players' association on Tuesday, two days following the union's counteroffer on issues such as salaries, major league service time, performance bonuses, opt outs and the amateur draft.

Finding employment when it was clear that players may have to quit at any moment to resume a truncated spring training was another complication. Verlander dealt with the problem early in spring training.

Major League Baseball announced Monday that the start of the 2020 regular season will be postponed until at least mid-May - based on the latest Centers for Disease Control recommendations - but did not set a new opening day.

Those perks were seemingly yanked away when teams scrambled to send their minor league players home - with the exception of rehabbers - as the pandemic approached a tipping point.

"People are saying July, August, something like that", Trump said when asked how long the epidemic may take to flatline. Our associates at home in Kansas City are also a top priority and though we've had no positive cases of coronavirus, we believe it is best to protect the safety of our employees and our community.

The league announced Tuesday that each team, including the Twins, will donate $1 million to help workers who will be impacted by the coronavirus-delayed season.

They don't often get any spotlight from the public. "It's a pretty loud statement that Major League Baseball made by showing that type of support". "Motivated by desire to help some of the most valuable members of the baseball community, each Club has committed $1 million".