Last remaining female white giraffe killed by poachers, along with her calf

  • Last remaining female white giraffe killed by poachers, along with her calf

Last remaining female white giraffe killed by poachers, along with her calf

Though in 2016, a white giraffe was reportedly sighted in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, no reports have since emerged on its fate and the Ishaqbini Hirola conservancy holds that the Kenyan bull is the last worldwide, according to the United Kingdom -based Daily Mail news website.

Poaching is a major threat to reticulated giraffes, the endangered subspecies to which the white animals belong. The reserve is now home to just a single white giraffe - a male from the same family.

The only female white giraffe in Kenya and her calf have been killed by poachers at the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy.

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We are the only community in the white giraffe in the world. News of its discovery quickly spread around the world, with tourists flocking to the area to catch a glimpse of the rare animal. Strict action should be taken against such people. Which is all the more reason why some of the rarest species have been put under conservation, in a bid to keep the animals alive and from fading away into the annals of history.

He said that this is a long term loss.

White giraffe is an extremely rare species. These were important researches which now ceased.

Though the deaths of Kenya's white giraffes have made worldwide headlines, their fate, sadly, is not an unusual one. These were unique in themselves.

Footage of the rare giraffes filmed by the Hirola Conservation Programme in 2017. That same year, the giraffes received worldwide attention after video was captured of the mother and calf.

The first white giraffe was reported to be seen in Tanzania's Tarangear National Park in 2016 before Kenya.

"We are investigating reports of the deaths of a white Girrafe and a calf in Ishaqbini Conservancy in Garissa County". Considered "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are about 97,000 of them in the wild, and their numbers have declined an estimated 40% in the past 30 years.

The white giraffe grabbed national and worldwide headlines in 2017 after its discovery due ti its unique white hide.