As new virus spreads, Israel issues travel warning for Wuhan, China

  • As new virus spreads, Israel issues travel warning for Wuhan, China

As new virus spreads, Israel issues travel warning for Wuhan, China

A working group chaired by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to tackle the epidemic chose to extend the Spring Festival holiday originally scheduled to end on January 30 "to reduce population flows", alongside unspecified changes to the starting dates of schools, state news agency Xinhua reported.

A patient with recent travel history to Wuhan, Hubei province, the epicenter of the nCoV-2019 outbreak, presented with fever and respiratory symptoms after flying to Canada, and was put under medical isolation Thursday, Canadian officials said.

The U.S. State Department is pulling government workers and family members out of Wuhan because of the impacts from the coronavirus outbreak.

Israel's Health Ministry on Friday issued a travel warning for Wuhan, China and surrounding areas, following the death of 55 people in China and some 2,000 globally from a new virus.

The virus has so far killed 56 people.

Some British people in Hubei province say they are stuck and are unhappy with the government response. Demand for wild animals in Asia, especially China, is hastening the extinction of many species, on top of posing a perennial health threat.

However, it also appears that the "spreading ability of the virus is getting stronger", said Ma Xiaowei, head of China's national health commission.

Tony, from the United Kingdom, told BBC News he was en route to Wuhan when travel restrictions were first published by the British government.

The outbreak intensified as millions of Chinese were traveling for the Lunar New Year holiday, dampening celebrations around the country on Saturday. But she said there was no need for Americans to panic. "It is our responsibility to prevent and control it", Xi said, describing the outbreak as "serious", according to the New China News Agency.

He said: "The feeling of many here is that the government are sacrificing the Wuhan people for the greater good of the country".

Hubei's health authorities separately reported 323 new confirmed cases of the virus, which first emerged in the provincial capital, Wuhan, in late December.

Infections from the virus have now been found on four continents, including a few cases in Australia, France and the US, among travelers who had recently been in China. The city is a major transportation hub in China, with trains that run throughout the country as well as an global airport. Travel agencies were ordered to cancel group tours nationwide.

Instead of New Year revelry, Wuhan has been seized by an eerie calm that deepened on Sunday as new restrictions banned most road traffic in the metropolis of 11 million.

Speaking at a press conference and wearing a face mask, Zhou said the city's medical staff were "very strained and tired".

Meanwhile the U.S. has announced that staff at the Wuhan consulate will be evacuated on a special flight on Tuesday.