Universal Vault Fire: Court Records Reveal Nirvana, Elton John Recordings Burned

  • Universal Vault Fire: Court Records Reveal Nirvana, Elton John Recordings Burned

Universal Vault Fire: Court Records Reveal Nirvana, Elton John Recordings Burned

Grasp recordings by artists together with Elton John, Nirvana and Sheryl Crow are amongst these confirmed as "misplaced or broken" by Common Music Group (UMG) following a 2008 fireplace. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Sonic Youth, White Zombie, Y&T, David Baerwald, Jimmy Eat World, Surfaris and Suzanne Vega.

While the fire was believed to have affected the recordings, the extent of the damage was unknown.

UMG publicly admitted specific losses for the first time as part of an ongoing lawsuit launched by several artists and musicians' estates previous year - including those of Tupac Shakur and Tom Petty - after the New York Times published an investigation into the fire last June.

The blaze ripped by way of certainly one of many UMG's warehouses, used for the storage of music and film reels courting once more to the 1940s, in 2008, with data of the large loss made public following an investigative report printed throughout the New York Events ultimate June (2019). UMG, in turn, said that list merely "identified myriad potentially lost assets", including materials that aren't original master recordings.

In a statement following the Times' report previous year, UMG responded in part that "the incident - while deeply unfortunate - never affected the availability of the commercially released music nor impacted artists' compensation". Howard King - a lawyer for one of the artists involved in the class-action - called the discrepancy between their initial findings and their now-reported 19 artists "inexplicable". Recognizing the lack of merit of their original claims, plaintiffs' attorneys are now willfully and irresponsibly conflating lost assets (everything from safeties and videos to artwork) with original album masters, in a desperate attempt to inject substance into their meritless legal case.

While UMG claims to have backups and copies of some of the recordings, they did not go into details about what they had or did not have.

The representatives of UMG and the 19 artists mentioned in the presentation have not yet responded to the development. "As for back-ups of recordings belonging to John, the filing stated that 'UMG is still working with the artist to determine the extent of such impact'". And You Know Us by the Trail of Dead, R.E.M. and Sheryl Crow an clones for digital master recordings belonging to Jimmy Eat World and White Zombie. And lastly, UMG reiterated that it had previously informed Soundgarden in 2015 that it had lost some stereo masters related to Badmotorfinger in the fire.