Insatiable Cancelled at Netflix

  • Insatiable Cancelled at Netflix

Insatiable Cancelled at Netflix

Insatiable won't be returning for a third season after the streamer chose to end the dark comedy series.

Starring former Disney star Debby Ryan, the first season was met with controversy when viewers accused it of fat shaming its lead character which led to the creation of an online petition for its cancellation. Shortly after season 1 was released on Netflix, a petition calling for the cancellation of the show due to body shaming narratives and toxic body image messaging was signed by nearly 100,000 people.

Last season, we found Patty dealing with, well, a lot. And Bob - well - he was helping her cover up Christian's murder, but just how far would his loyalties go?

The comedy series stars Debby Ryan as Patty, a formerly overweight teenager who exacts revenge on those who bullied her. Patty's rage? Or was there more at play? But it also attracted strong viewership - judging by available streaming data - securing a renewal for a second season which wrapped in October.

In "Insatiable, ' the only person that really seems to care for Patty is her best friend Nonnie, who does not seem to have much influence over Patty".

In addition to Ryan, the series starred Dallas Roberts, Alyssa Milano, Christopher Gorham, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Provost, Kimmy Shields, Irene Choi, and Sarah Colonna.

In response to the backlash, creator Lauren Gussis and Netflix VP of Original Series Cindy Holland defended the show with separate statements.