A developer managed to install Windows 10X on MacBook

  • A developer managed to install Windows 10X on MacBook

A developer managed to install Windows 10X on MacBook

If you thought that Windows 10X was just meant for dual-screen devices like Surface Neo, while that's certainly Microsoft's intention initially, leaked documentation has previously revealed that there are plans for the operating system to come to traditional (clamshell) laptops in the future.

The emulator will help developers test their apps on Windows 10X.

Similarly, the Surface Duo, a dual screen notebook from Microsoft, also signifies the new parameters that an additional display opens up.

Dismissing notifications is easy in Windows 10X. Not only that each notification comes with a small X button in the top right corner, but you can also dismiss them with a middle mouse click. Android 10 gestures are also present, and animations seem fluid.

Right-clicking a notification allows you to turn off all notifications for a specific app or go to notification settings in the Settings app where you'll find more options.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the first emulator for Windows 10X, giving the public its first glimpse at the upcoming operating system. So if you dont mind tinkering with your device then feel free to install Windows 10X.

Microsoft seems to be prepping a series of dual-screen devices. To keep Windows 10 fresh, Microsoft performs two major updates per year, which brings new features and better usability for consumers. It's a cleaner, more modern take on Windows 10 that's been refreshed in nearly every way. It is not even a week since the Windows 10X emulator was released and already some have managed to install it on MacBook.