Woman Charged For Feeding Deer Inside Her House In Colorado

  • Woman Charged For Feeding Deer Inside Her House In Colorado

Woman Charged For Feeding Deer Inside Her House In Colorado

Wildlife officials in Colorado said they have filed charges against a woman who filmed video while luring wild deer into her home to feed them.

A Colorado woman is facing a fine for multiple instances of feeding deer inside her home.

That's where she laid out sliced bananas, a halved apple, bread pieces and carrot sticks on a table for them.

It's not just the deer - it's also what may follow them there.

CPW said a second similar incident happened in the Burland Ranchettes subdivision in Bailey, where a homeowner had been feeding deer in his yard and the animals had learned to rush toward the man from surrounding areas when he was outside.

Feeding big-game wildlife is an offense in Colorado where the guilty could be fined $100 per incident.

The department said they have filed charges against the woman that was in the video for feeding big-game wildlife. Both people mentioned in the release were contacted by CPW and charges were filed.

"I commonly find that mountain residents believe feeding deer and elk is a helpful and harmless act, but doing so habituates these animals to people in ways that completely alter the natural distribution of elk and deer and disrupts their natural wild behavior", said Wildlife Officer Joe Nicholson.

People who see them may fear they're coming closer because they need food - but in most cases, they're able to obtain their food naturally. "Turning your yard into a virtual zoo by feeding deer and elk is not safe for people, not healthy for wildlife and is truly a selfish act. The right approach to take pleasure in viewing wildlife is to take action from a protected distance and with out artificially introducing feed, salt, or different attractants that alter their pure use of the panorama and aversion to individuals".

"It's egocentric and unethical to feed big-game", Space Wildlife Supervisor Mark Lamb stated in a information launch.

"You are going to end up unintentionally killing those animals and also putting yourself in harm's way", he said.

Attracting deer to feed them causes animals to congregate in a single space, disrupting pure migration patterns and resulting in degradation of habitats, the CPW stated.

"If you're coaching deer to return and keep in your yard, you might be asking mountain lions to be in your neighborhood as effectively", Lamb stated. In addition, it attracts predators, disrupts the animal's digestive systems and can ultimately lead to their death if they are fed the wrong food.