Uefa Disney scheme to help Scottish girls get active

  • Uefa Disney scheme to help Scottish girls get active

Uefa Disney scheme to help Scottish girls get active

Playmakers builds on academic research confirming the powerful role storytelling plays in shaping young minds by nudging inactive 5-8-year-old girls to take up physical activity, with just 16% now meeting minimum standards as set by the World Health Organisation.

UEFA and Disney are encouraging more girls to play football with Playmakers, a storytelling initiative which communicates the fun of physical exercise and football by encouraging roleplay as popular Incredibles 2 characters such as Elastigirl, Violet and Dash.

"So it's not only to provide a different pathway to girls who don't want to play mixed football but even to provide a pathway for girls who are not even interested in football yet".

"Playmakers can attract girls who might not have had any contact with football at all, or might be generally not very active".

UEFA examined research which showed that globally 84% of girls under the age of 17 are not meeting the World Health Organization minimum activity guidelines.

Kessler says that sessions at Playmakers events will be very different from traditional training sessions.

"Every girl should have access to sport and be encouraged to do sport".

"There will still be football cones and a ball but these sessions will allow girls to play out scenes of their favorite Disney movies, they will be empowered to take on the character and roles of their favorite Disney heroes".

Disney is not one of UEFA's commercial partners and has joined up with the organization specifically for the Playmakers project. "We all understand how important it is", she said.

Nicole Morse, Disney's vice president of integrated marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), added: "By using our much-loved characters and stories as a force for good, we can really make a difference and inspire families and children to be more active".