Trump, Bloomberg wage social media war in battle of NY billionaires

  • Trump, Bloomberg wage social media war in battle of NY billionaires

Trump, Bloomberg wage social media war in battle of NY billionaires

However, there's one candidate who's been absent from those nationally televised wars of words: Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who chose to use some of the $62 billion he has at his disposal to see if he can add "President of the United States" to his résumé.

In a subsequent salvo Trump compared Bloomberg to his 2016 Republican nomination challenger Jeb Bush.

Bloomberg could appear on the debate stage for the first time in Las Vegas next week, after the Democratic National Committee changed its qualifying rules to drop the requirement that a candidate must ascertain a certain number of unique donors, prompting complaints from his 2020 rivals.

In a statement, Bloomberg, a former three-term mayor, said, "Their endorsements show the hunger local leaders have for real leadership in the White House - and that starts with defeating this president".

"We know numerous same people in NY".

Trump's insult got a rise out of Bloomberg, who tweeted to Trump: "Behind your back they laugh at you & call you a carnival barking clown. They know you inherited a fortune & squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence", he blisteringly wrote, before offering a final warning.

Bloomberg, whose wealth Forbes estimates at $61.8bn, continued: "I have the record & the resources to defeat you. And I will." The financial data businessman has spent at least $350m on his campaign to date and said he plans to spend up to $1bn on the race.

"If you were a black person walking down the street, you were going to be stopped and frisked under Bloomberg", Trump said, adding that while "Rudy used it", he did so very, "very sparingly".

Together, the accounts that posted Bloomberg memes have a combined 60 million followers, according to The New York Times.

Bloomberg has smashed campaign spending records in an effort to win the nomination, and critics argue he is effectively trying to buy the U.S. presidency his vast fortune. The pair sparred in two tweets on February 13, with President Trump throwing the first insult.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has now gained the backing of more than 100 mayors, according to his campaign.

The following day, Bloomberg tweeted again: "Donald Trump is the world's biggest schoolyard bully - with no respect for civility or decency, or facts or honesty".