This is apparently a Pixel 5 prototype - and it sure is something

  • This is apparently a Pixel 5 prototype - and it sure is something

This is apparently a Pixel 5 prototype - and it sure is something

I think so. The Pixel 3 XL is still due another couple of years of updates, it still has an incredible camera, super clean Android experience, and a big attractive display with a dual selfie camera setup. And while we await the launch of the Pixel 4a, the successor of Pixel 3a that did arrive in India, Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech has given us a first look at could be the next Google flagship - the Pixel 5 CL. Google has never successfully kept the Pixel model under wraps before its arrival. You've already seen the render in the header image above and it's said to feature the same build as Pixel 4, according to Prosser's "extremely reliable" sources. Not only is this just one of three prototypes Google is working on, but even if Google decides to go ahead with this particular design, it's very possible that it'll be refined and tweaked over the coming months. He obtained CAD files for the upcoming Pixel 5 XL a few days back which were used to create these new renders.

This means you will get a soft-touch back panel with a glossy camera module, which will reportedly be a U-shaped module with three camera sensors. The Pixel 5 XL boasts three sensors in a module housing that looks like an elongated semi-circle. Jon says that the design started to grow on him slightly, but personally, I don't see that happening to me.

However, there's some good news.

Besides the new design, it seems that Google will finally add a wide-angle camera on the new model. The lack of an ultra-wide-angle sensor was a big let down a year ago, so it's good to see it on the upcoming 2020 pixel. Moreover, for the first time ever, the Pixel lineup will get a third camera sensor. Hoorah!? The signature colored power button and top-notch, albeit smaller in size, will be around in the Pixel 5 series as well. Unfortunately, we don't know that.

Love it or hate it, it's important to remember that a lot could change between now and October when Google will likely announce the Pixel 5. The new design is somewhat unique in comparison to everything we have in the industry.