'Terrible vocals': Fans divided over new James Bond theme tune

  • 'Terrible vocals': Fans divided over new James Bond theme tune

'Terrible vocals': Fans divided over new James Bond theme tune

The new James Bond film is the 25th installment of the franchise and it is due to arrive in theaters in April this year.

Eilish made history at last month's Grammys when she became the all-time youngest Album of the Year victor and only the second artist to ever sweep all of the "Big Four" categories in a single ceremony; we will have to wait until next year to see if she adds an Best Original Song Oscar statuette to her increasingly crowded mantel and gets halfway to EGOT status.

She also made a splash with her unusual reactions to some of the biggest Oscars moments, including Eminem's surprise performance of Loose Yourself. "I'm still in shock", she said in a statement, per Variety, that confirmed she was tapped to perform "No Time To Die".

A familiar tremolo guitar ushers in the chorus, where the singer develops her theme: "I've fallen for a lie".

After a couple of listens, I'm really liking the song and its very classical feel: it hits every single one of those markers above (perhaps not the karaoke), clearly references Madeleine's betrayal of Bond seen in the trailer and has a lovely mournful quality that speaks to Bond's retreat to a solitary life in Jamaica before the plot kicks in. But because the 007 is involved, she and her brother/producer/co-writer, Finneas, upped the drama by giving her haunting vocals a sweeping, atmospheric backdrop. "We've always wanted to write a James Bond theme song".

But the song is very much about a romantic betrayal.

"Fool me once, fool me twice/Are you death or paradise? Was I reckless to help?"

It's easily the most audacious and atmospheric take on the Bond theme in living memory.

The singer is up for best global female at the ceremony; just two weeks after sweeping all four of the main categories at the Grammys.

Perhaps Eilish - who just won five Grammy Awards - will have a chance to nab her first Oscar next year, as both Adele, 31, and Smith, 27, won for their additions to the Bond series. Mr Robot's Rami Malek, meanwhile, features as villain Safin.

The song's release was marked with a one-hour special on BBC Radio 1.

Are you excited to hear Billie Eilish's full version of "No Time to Die"?