Ready to help N.Korea fight coronavirus

  • Ready to help N.Korea fight coronavirus

Ready to help N.Korea fight coronavirus

On February 13, media outlet Dong-a Ilbo reported that a government official returned from a trip from China and it was discovered that he had the coronavirus and was put into isolation.

"The North Koreans did not come through with any "Christmas present" and they have not taken any "new path" because they are well aware of the side effects that could be had", Lee said, adding the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's government was "wary of ruining the relationship it has successfully built with Russian Federation and China and the support it is getting from those two countries". It has been reported that the hermit country, keen to avoid the virus at all costs, is isolating anyone who has travelled to China or has had contact with Chinese people.

North Korea closed its borders last month to tourists after the outbreak.

North Korea has not confirmed any cases of the new coronavirus, but state media said the government was extending the quarantine period for people showing symptoms to 30 days, and all government institutions and foreigners living in the country were expected to comply "unconditionally".

Recorded Future's report notes that the North Korean government is now eyeing XMR over a recent hard fork the privacy-centric cryptocurrency had, which saw it implement the ASIC-resistant RandomX proof-of-work algorithm. It has been reported that in 2014 O Sang Hon, the former deputy public security minister, was executed with a flamethrower.

Sunday marks the 78th birthday of the late leader and father of current leader Kim Jong-un.

But US officials have been cautiously hopeful after North Korea did not go through with more drastic action following Kim's New Year's speech, in which he warned that his regime would no longer abide by a pause on nuclear and long-range missile tests.

North Korea has not yet confirmed any cases of the coronavirus within its borders, and World Health Organization officials in Pyongyang say they are not aware of confirmed cases.