Meet the House Hunters Throuple

  • Meet the House Hunters Throuple

Meet the House Hunters Throuple

Getting three? Well, in the words of HGTV's first throuple, "I don't want our bedroom to be weird".

Titled "Three's Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs", the episode followed Brian, Lori and Geli on a quest to find their dream house in Colorado.

The trio spoke candidly about their dynamic and admitted they wanted to find a house that fit their needs. A throuple, if you haven't already made the jump, is a romantic group of three people in a polyamorous relationship.

While searching for their ideal home, the three came across a house with a relatively small kitchen.

At one point in the episode, Lori remarked about the lack of space in one house they were touring, saying, "This is a couple's kitchen, not a throuple's kitchen".

The episode ended with the family choosing a house above their budget as they all loved its view of the surrounding mountains.

Brian, who is in sports marketing, explained that he and Lori married in 2002 and have two children, Jake, 10, and Isla, 12, whom they are raising with Geli.

HGTV viewers were stunned to see the network feature a throuple in one of their episodes - and many praised them for their courageous decision. "Oh my god. A throuple on House Hunters", tweeted author Roxane Gay, one of many to express shock (and, in most cases, glee) on social media.

"I was legit about to change the channel until I heard throuple. You have my FULL attention now", a user wrote. I'm disappointed in #HGTV for promoting this as normal, ' one critic tweeted.

'HGTV really might be the most progressive show on TV.

Fans took to Twitter to praise HGTV for featuring the throuple on the episode, which was called both "progressive" and 'educational'. HGTV STORMING into 2020, ' one Twitter user wrote.

House Hunters is showcasing a different kind of relationship! The three shared a commitment ceremony in Aruba just a few months before filming their House Hunters episode.