Live Caption could be coming to Google Chrome

  • Live Caption could be coming to Google Chrome

Live Caption could be coming to Google Chrome

One of the most impressive new software features that Google introduced with its Pixel 4 series a year ago was Live Caption. The feature can also help you keep track of what's going on in your videos while in a noisy environment.

A recent commit on the Chromium Gerrit reveals Google's Live Caption functionality found on the Pixel 4 could be coming to the Chrome desktop browser.

This CL creates a sandboxed service that hosts the Speech On-Device API (SODA). SODA is a first-party product made by Google's Speech team that transcribes audio into text. This wouldn't necessarily point to Live Captions support on the browser, but the fact that the page includes the phrase: "The design document for the feature is located at: go/chrome-live-captions" is a fairly clear message about what the devs have in mind.

A comment on the commit directly compares this potential implementation to Android's existing Live Caption feature, claiming the team "should use "Live Captions" when using a name for the feature to match what's done on Android". "The benefit of naming this SODA is that other features can use this component, though it could be seen as a leaky abstraction". This means it may take a while before the Live Caption feature becomes available on the stable channel.

The only bad news is that we shouldn't expect to see this feature in a stable release of Chrome for a little while, but if you like to stay up to date and don't mind the occasional bug, you can always start using Chrome Canary instead and you will nearly certainly get access to the feature earlier than you would on normal Chrome. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.