IBM adopts 'Slack' for its 3,50000 employees

  • IBM adopts 'Slack' for its 3,50000 employees

IBM adopts 'Slack' for its 3,50000 employees

This meant that IBM wasn't a brand new client, which the headline 350,000 worker figure wouldn't manifest itself because many publication seats of Slack marketed.

The addition of all IBM employees gives Slack an immediate boost to daily active users.

It is now being reported that one of the world's biggest IT companies, IBM (International Business Machines) is adopting Slack as the prime collaboration software for its 3,50,000 strong workforce.

Bhatia writes that once IBM fully deploy Slack across the company, the income Slack from the paid subscription will be about $30 million annually or just over 4% of its total annual income.

The rivalry between the two has been somewhat strained recently, with Microsoft claiming Slack does not have the "breadth and depth that is really needed to rediscover what it looked like to work together". The trials that started in 2014 ended when the whole company started using Slack. Business Insider said this now makes IBM Slack's largest single customer. Slack will need to continue getting more large customers like IBM in order to keep this up, so it will be interesting to see how well the company does on that front. In fact, it is reported in the report that Slack also improved during the trials conducted at IBM. Today it has more than 300,000 users and offers slack to all employees.

Last month IBM's longtime CEO Ginny Rometty announced her retirement. It is an important development that this number has doubled.

Slack and Microsoft Teams have been at loggerheads not only because of competition but also in open statements made by them. IBM was one of the first users of Slack's Enterprise Grid and had more than 165,000 users by previous year.

Considering that the circumstance of the simmering Slack vs. Teams struggle, having Slack triumph what seemed to be an vast, fresh contract was news.

In layman terms, Slack says that IBM is already a customer and the decision to expand Slack's services to all IBM's employees won't automatically translate into new licenses for all 350,000 employees.