Grandmother of Faye Swetlik posts heartbreaking video of tragic girl singing

  • Grandmother of Faye Swetlik posts heartbreaking video of tragic girl singing

Grandmother of Faye Swetlik posts heartbreaking video of tragic girl singing

From: Cayce Department of Public Safety Police in Cayce, South Carolina are actively searching for missing 6-year old girl Faye Marie Swetlik.

A homicide investigation into the girl's death has been launched, Cayce Department of Public Safety Director Byron Snellgrove told reporters during a Thursday news conference.

Taylor lived in a home about 100 to 150 feet from Faye's home, Antley said.

Antley thanked the neighborhood for being patient and working with law enforcement officers during what he described as an invasive search. They will also do door to door knocks on Tuesday. They want to know where he was around the time Faye was last seen, and what he was doing during the days that Faye was missing.

Faye was a first grader at Springdale Elementary School.

The grieving grandmother of SC girl Faye Marie Swetlik released a heartbreaking video of the 6-year-old singing "You Are My Sunshine" - as cops launched a homicide investigation into her death.

"We would like to remind you that our investigators are processing a large amount of physical evidence", the Cayce Department of Public Safety posted to Facebook Thursday evening.

Faye went missing Monday.

Police revealed that her body was located in a wooded area near her home; investigators don't believe her body had been in the location for long.

"Evidence and our investigation does link these two together", Antley said of the deaths.

Taylor had no criminal history and was not known to law enforcement, police said. Antley declined to say what that clue was, but said it would have been something on Faye's missing person flyer.

They identified the man who was found near her body, and connected the cases. Taylor's body was discovered a short time later.

Police provided no details on the condition of his body or cause of death.

Police are treating the girl's death as a homicide. Her autopsy will be conducted Saturday, according to the Lexington County Coroner's Office. Taylor was not a relative or friend of Faye or her family.

Police assured residents the area is safe.

Police had been searching for Faye since she was last seen playing in her yard Monday. During the investigation, authorities had spoken with Taylor, Antley said.

Police were called around 5 p.m.