Culinary Union says Bernie Sanders would end its health care

  • Culinary Union says Bernie Sanders would end its health care

Culinary Union says Bernie Sanders would end its health care

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who bills himself as a champion of organized labour, found himself in an escalating feud with Nevada's Culinary Workers Union on Wednesday, 10 days before the state holds the party's third nominating contest.

Recently, a leaflet was circulated to Culinary members attacking single-payer health care.

"Medicare for All eliminates the profiteering of the insurance companies and the drug companies, and it does away with the incredible administrative bureaucracy that now exists when we're administering literally thousands of separate health insurance programs", Sanders said in a previous interview.

Coming into Nevada's caucus February 22, however, "Medicare for All", the Vermont senator's signature health care policy proposal, may sink his support from one of the most powerful Nevada constituencies: organized labor.

The flier depicts where the leading 2020 Democratic candidates stand on health care, immigration and "Good Jobs", and singles out Sanders. "We know all the candidates and we respect them all".

She continued, "Bernie has been clear that under Medicare for All, we will guarantee that coverage is as comprehensive or more so than the health care benefits union workers now receive, and union health clinics, including the Culinary's health clinic, will remain open to serve their members". Next to Warren's name, it lists "Medicare For All" and "replace Culinary Healthcare after 3-year transition or at end of collective bargaining agreements".

Sanders' rivals jumped into the fray on the issue on Wednesday, with the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, touting his Medicare for All Who Want It, which does not preclude private insurance. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) and businessman Tom Steyer all have policies that would protect the union's healthcare interests. It's not the first time the two camps have clashed. Bernie Sanders would "End Culinary Healthcare" if elected president of the United States.

On Thursday, the state's most politically influential union, Culinary Union Local 226, announced it would not endorse a Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential race.

Argüello-Kline would not comment on the alleged attacks during her press conference, but it's been reported that Sanders' supporters have made threatening phone calls to the union and lashed out over social media.