China's coronavirus death toll nears 1,500

  • China's coronavirus death toll nears 1,500

China's coronavirus death toll nears 1,500

The death toll now stands at 1,380 even after accounting for 116 new deaths in Hubei and five others reported elsewhere in China on Friday, according to the commission.

But he added that the apparent stabilisation in the number of new cases in China and the slower spread of cases outside Hubei province - where the virus first emerged - was reassuring.

The Chinese province at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak reported a record rise in the death toll on February 13 under a new diagnostic method, and Beijing sacked two top provincial officials after criticism of their handling of the crisis.

Australian National University China researcher Jiang Yun (姜雲) said that the new methodology might be a "practical measure", because Hubei has a shortage of laboratory testing kits.

Fever patients and close contacts of the confirmed infection cases will be placed under centralized quarantine. If the coronavirus disease is ending, why is there a sudden spike of the infection tally?

The epidemic has given China's ruling Communist Party one of its sternest challenges in years, constrained the world's second-largest economy and triggered a purge of provincial bureaucrats.

In Japan, officials say an 80-year-old woman who died in a hospital on the outskirts of Tokyo has become the nation's first coronavirus fatality.

The shakeup followed a huge surge of confirmed infections in China on Wednesday, with most of the cases in Hubei.

"It doesn't have too much of an impact on our life, except that we're not allowed to go out", Xu said.

Another cruise ship, the Westerdam, finally anchored Thursday off Cambodia after being turned away by several Asian and Pacific governments.

There have now been 219 cases of the coronavirus found on board the cruise liner Diamond Princess, which is in quarantine off the coast of Yokohama in Japan. No cases of the viral illness have been confirmed among its 1,455 passengers and 802 crew members, according to operator Holland America Line. Health officials are investigating how she got infected.

"My wife and I gave him some chocolates as a show of our appreciation", Lou Poandel, a tourist from New Jersey, told Reuters after he disembarked and met the Cambodian leader.

In Hubei province alone, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, there are about 34,000 people hospitalized, which included approximately 1,400 who are in a critical condition.

Some 242 deaths from the new coronavirus were recorded in the Chinese province of Hubei on Wednesday - the deadliest day of the outbreak.

"This increase that you've all seen in the last 24 hours is largely, in part, down to a change in how the cases are being reported", Michael Ryan, head of WHO's health emergencies programme, told reporters.

"I suspect but can't be certain that the underlying trend is still downwards", Professor Hunter said.

Also Thursday, central authorities fired the Communist Party chiefs of both Wuhan and Hubei province, replacing them with high-ranking officials known for their background in "stability maintenance" and history of working closely with party chairman and Chinese President Xi Jinping. They were the two highest-profile officials to be axed since the outbreak.