Apple may be working on cheaper version of AirPods Pro

  • Apple may be working on cheaper version of AirPods Pro

Apple may be working on cheaper version of AirPods Pro

But from what the name suggests, the AirPods Pro Lite seem to be an affordable version of the AirPods Pro that was launched previous year. It is being told that AirPods Pro Lite will be an upgrade version of AirPods launched in the year 2018. As luck would have it, Walmart's got a great offer on the latest model of Apple AirPods with a Charging Case for $139 (which is $20 less than normal).

AirPods Pro for the masses?

The "Lite" suffix is suggestive of the upcoming variant to be not only a slightly toned-down version, but also points at a less exorbitant price tag. If the report turns out to be accurate then we can expect an AirPods Pro variant that could be affordable to a larger user base. But Tim Cook's comments back in October suggest that the AirPods Pro is a distinct line of its own and doesn't sit with the regular AirPods. Other products mentioned include the next-generation iPad, Apple Watch and iMac models, all of which will be updated in the coming months, although some such as the PiPad‌ and the "Apple Watch" are unlikely to be released before September.

It is not clear as yet on how much these new AirPods would retail for, the standard AirPods cost $159 and the AirPods Pro $249, there are also standard AirPods with a wireless charging case which cost $199. As per the report, the mention of these alleged AirPods Pro Lite is buried in a report that talks about how Apple is trying to ramp up production with partners in Taiwan as China is massively impacted by the widespread Coronavirus.

The revelation came as reports from Taiwanese publication, Digitmes reporting Apple wanting to move production of some of its products to assembly lines in Taiwan out of fear of the deadly Coronavirus that is now affecting China and some parts of the globe.