Cuomo says he'll ask Trump to reverse move on Global Entry

  • Cuomo says he'll ask Trump to reverse move on Global Entry

Cuomo says he'll ask Trump to reverse move on Global Entry

A White House official confirmed the planned meeting to Fox News. "These are people who go for an in person federal interview with all sorts of background information".

The department has already suspended that and other Trusted Traveler Programs for NY residents in response to a state law, and The Northern Light reports deputy secretary Ken Cuccinelli says Washington residents could be next. Last week, DHS suspended TTP applications and renewals for New Yorkers because of the state's new "Green Light" law, which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses and bars the DMV from giving up driver's license information without a court order. Cuomo said that federal officials can access criminal records from the FBI. The state's attorney general said NY would sue the Trump administration over the decision to suspend the programs. State driving records can contain lower-level driving violations.

"The President's administration disagrees fundamentally with the way we treat undocumented people, who, in the state of NY have the right to apply for a driver's license because we want people who are on our roads to know how to drive and be licensed". He noted that people who are in the USA illegally couldn't apply for the "trusted traveler" programs anyway because it would be tantamount to turning themselves over to federal agents.

"They said, 'I'm burning down the house anyway, '" Cuomo said.

In an interview with LI News Radio host Jay Oliver, Cuomo called Trump's demand "pure politics", saying, "I will give them the DMV database for Trusted Traveler". "And I think that's what they really want".

"Attorney General James is doing everything in her power to stop President Trump from punishing New Yorkers", the spokesman said.

"I hope that Gov. Cuomo can work with the president and come forward with some type of solution that allows the federal government to do its main function, which is to protect all Americans and their families", Gidley said.