Nintendo Switch Leaker Pleads Guilty For Hacking Nintendo

Palmdale resident Ryan Hernandez has pleaded guilty to federal charges of both hacking Nintendo systems (computer fraud and abuse) and possessing child pornography. Originally, Hernandez's first offense was back in 2016-when he was still a minor at the time-where he managed to use a phishing technique in order to get ahold of a Nintendo employee's credentials to download pre-release promotional information about the Nintendo Switch, and then distribute it to the public. Hernandez was even publicly bragging about it now on platforms such as Twitter, and ran a Discord called "Ryan's Underground Hangout" where "he and others discussed Nintendo products and shared information about possible Nintendo network vulnerabilities, and on which he shared some of the confidential information he had stolen". A 2017 FBI investigation resulted in Hernandez and his parents being contacted, and a warning being given. HERNANDEZ promised to stop any further malicious activity and confirmed that he understood the consequences of any future hacking.

He hacked into a Nintendo server and stole developer tools and information about unreleased games, boasting on social media about his finds. Ryan had leaked several information about the Nintendo Switch right before launch.

But between June 2018 and June 2019, Hernandez continued to break into multiple Nintendo servers and illegally accessed corporate information. A plea agreement has recommended he serve three years in prison, though his sentence has not been formally set - and the maximum sentence for each charge is far longer.

They also found more than a thousand images and videos of child sexual abuse in a folder he named "bad stuff".

He was additionally charged with possession of child pornography.

Hernandez has agreed to pay Nintendo damages of about $260,000 (£199,000) and will also registered as a sex offender following his conviction.