Madonna Says Canada Is Boring

  • Madonna Says Canada Is Boring

Madonna Says Canada Is Boring

Following the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit from the royal family, Madonna has stepped in to offer them a place to live in the USA - but not without throwing major shade at Canada first.

But let's just take a second to imagine Madonna, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle all living together.

Pictured in front of a make-up desk and chatting to her stylist, she said: "Don't run off to Canada, it's so boring there". You see, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently announced they're stepping down as senior members of the royal family and will be splitting their time between North America and the U.K. Right now it appears they've taken up residence in Canada, but Madonna is urging the couple to move to Manhattan-to her Central Park West condo, specifically. "I'll let them sublet my apartment on Central Park West". It's two bedroom, it's got the best view of Manhattan - incredible balcony. "Incredible balcony. That's going to be a victor, a deal-breaker". That's the deal-breaker.

"Nope, Buckingham Palace has got nothing on CPW", she concluded.

In her video, the pop superstar, 61, is sitting at a dresser while having her hair touched up, when she addresses Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about their plans to relocate to Canada permanently.

Madonna Says Canada Is Boring

Madonna has ties to the United Kingdom - she was once married to British film director Guy Ritchie, who she shares son Rocco and adopted David with - finished her video by saying that NY is better than Buckingham Palace: "Better than a bunch of guys in woolly hats".

"Yes stay in London", another wrote, agreeing with her.

"Madame X is a letting agent", one said. I think that's gonna be it - a victor.

However, the news was soon shot down as Buckingham Palace told The Sun the claims made by the company were "categorically untrue". Would she make Prince Harry learn the choreography to "Vogue"?