US House managers, Trump's lawyers clash in closing arguments

  • US House managers, Trump's lawyers clash in closing arguments

US House managers, Trump's lawyers clash in closing arguments

Murkowski said she won't vote in favor of removing the president from office, but not before excoriating both bodies of Congress and the president for their respective failings in the impeachment episode.

The House managers and Trump's defence team will present up to four hours of closing argument on Monday.

A separate swing-vote senator, Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia, suggested earlier Monday he may not vote to impeach Trump, although he said he had not fully made up his mind.

But on Friday, senators voted against hearing from the witnesses. I'm not sure that they can do it, to be honest.

Cohen recalled that presidential senior adviser Stephen Miller "draped Trump's inaugural address in the language of 'American carnage, ' " thus darker rhetoric could again be infused in the president's Tuesday speech.

On Wednesday, the trial will resume with a final vote expected on the acquittal or conviction of President Trump by 4pm (21:00 GMT).

Murkowski's comments wrapped up a busy day on the Senate floor that saw the House impeachment managers and the president's defense team give closing arguments before senators began their debate on the articles of impeachment.

Senator Lamar Alexander said Trump crossed a line by withholding almost $400 million in USA military aid to the nation as a way to "encourage" an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, who is also seeking the 2020 nomination.

Only two Republicans - Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of ME - joined Democrats as the motion to introduce witnesses was defeated 51-49. The television audience for last year's speech was estimated at 47 million people.

Impeachment managers prosecuting the case against Trump for the House not only say yes, but argue that failing to remove him will set a risky precedent that a president is above the law. "They have cheapened the awesome power of impeachment". Lawyers for Trump, in light of a revelation recounted in former National Security Advisor John Bolton's unpublished book, also argued that even if the president had tied aid to Ukraine to politically motivated investigations, it would not constitute an impeachable offence.

She cited Trump supporters" eagerness to "have just dismissed the case as soon as it reached" the Senate and Trump's detractors' acting as if "the only way the trial could have been considered fair was if it resulted in the president's removal from office'. "I don't think there's a real reason to (talk about it)". Biden is a leading contender for the Democratic nomination.

"The President's name is on ballots that have already been cast", she said.

A significant part of the president's remarks is expected to highlight victories on trade policy with China as well as the new trade pact with Mexico and Canada.

He is also expected to promote his efforts to limit migrants from crossing the southern US border, as well as national security moves such as his decision to kill Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani with a USA drone strike.

On Sunday, Super Bowl viewers got a preview of another theme - criminal justice reform - in a Trump campaign ad that featured a tearful woman thanking him for commuting her life sentence for a nonviolent drug offence. "As opposed to some of the other things that I hope we should focus on", the Florida Republican said. That includes the least among us.

But Varney said despite the backlash from the Democrats, America stands tall.