Thai claim new drug treating coronavirus 'successful'

  • Thai claim new drug treating coronavirus 'successful'

Thai claim new drug treating coronavirus 'successful'

The four Thai people included a couple who had visited Japan and two drivers who had picked up Chinese passengers in Thailand, the health ministry said.

The novel coronavirus, so named because under the microscope it resembles a crown, has killed at least 304 people in China, with more than 14,000 infected.

Thailand will repatriate more than 100 people from Wuhan on February 4 after they pass medical screening in China, Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister Anutin Chanvirakul said Sunday. In India, two people in Kerala who travelled back to the country from China have so far tested positive for the virus and are undergoing quarantine and getting necessary treatment for the same.

"We have been following global practices, but the doctor increased the dosage of one of the drugs", said Somsak Akkslim, director-general of the Medical Services Department, referring to the flu medicine Oseltamivir. The government of Thailand claimed that this medicine is effective.

Thailand has reportedly seen promising results after treating a coronavirus patient with a mix of two antiviral drugs which are usually used to treat HIV. The patient, who is 71 years old tested negative for Coronavirus infection, almost 48 hours after the first dose of the combination medicines were given to her.

"This is not the cure, but the patient's condition has vastly improved".

The doctors from Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok said a new approach in coronavirus treatment had improved the condition of several patients under their care, including one 70-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan who tested positive for the coronavirus for 10 days. So far, 19 cases of Corona virus have been detected in Thailand.

Dr Suwannachai said five of the six were recovering well and would be discharged from hospital when they were proved to be free of the virus. Doctor Krensak Atiepornwanich has expressed the hope that with the new medicine, we will also cure them soon.