Iowa Caucuses: Tech Problems and 'Inconsistencies' Delay Results

Iowa's vote to pick its Democratic presidential nominee had descended into farce after the results were indefinitely delayed.

The biggest loser in the Iowa caucus result debacle - not including the Iowa Democratic Party, which is responsible for Monday night's process and the delayed results - may just be the eventual victor of the state.

For almost half a century, the Iowa caucuses have kicked off the presidential primary and caucus season with the potential to shape the 11-candidate field right as the election enters full swing.

'If people didn't know where to look for the PIN numbers or the precinct numbers, that could slow them down, ' said Miller, who said he had no problem using the system to report his precinct's figures and it worked fine.

At Warren's results-watching party in Des Moines - where nary a result was watched - her campaign manager, Roger Lau, told reporters he believed Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren were bunched together at the top of the leaderboard, with Biden a "distant fourth."Every single second that passes that we don't get a result, I think it's concerning", said Lau, who rarely speaks on the record with reporters".

Not far behind Biden trials Massachusetts Sen.

Iowa voters gathered at almost 1,700 caucus sites around the state on Monday, kicking off America's first votes in the 2020 presidential race.

She said they had been on hold for a long time and she knew of only one precinct captain who had been able to report via the app.

On top of that, there were multiple reports suggesting that precinct chairs had problems using the new app created to help tabulate and report the result.

Said Buttigieg: "So we don't know all the results".

'We have experienced a delay in the results due to quality checks and the fact that the IDP is reporting out three data sets for the first time.

Others suggested this could be the end for the caucus system in the state.

US President Donald Trump also reacted to the chaos on Twitter. In the case of Iowa, those supporting a particular candidate must spend an hour or more standing up, in both a metaphorical and literal sense, for the one they are backing. "It would be natural for people to doubt the fairness of the process".

"Somehow, some way, I'm going to get on a plane tonight to New Hampshire, and we are bringing this to New Hampshire".

And the eventual announcement will leave only a few hours of media coverage before the television networks are wall to wall with President Trump's State of the Union tonight.

Initial data from the Fox News Voter Analysis showed Iowans were divided among the Democratic candidates, some of whom have very different views - and plans - regarding everything from taxes to health care.

That didn't stop the presidential candidates from spinning the non-results.

"This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion", said Mandy McClure, the Iowa party's communications director.

Critics have already questioned Iowa's first-place position in the nominating process, complaining that the state, with a population that's about 90 per cent white, doesn't reflect the broader party, which relies heavily on diverse groups.