Google Photos bug sent private videos to strangers

  • Google Photos bug sent private videos to strangers

Google Photos bug sent private videos to strangers

This was due to an issue in Google Takeout, an app which lets users download and archive media from Google services like Google Photos.

Below is a tweet from an affected user, along with the alert sent by Google.

Thankfully, only 0.01 percent of Photos users were affected, the company told 9to5Google, and the bug wasn't present in any other Google product. The issue essentially impacted the Google "Download your data" service that is called Google Takeout. However, from November 21 to November 25 previous year those backups could have had videos that "incorrectly exported to unrelated users' archives".

"Many users trust cloud providers, especially for photos and videos which are automatically backed up from mobile devices".

It did not elaborate further on which videos were shared with other users.

Google bug saw videos sent to archives of the wrong users

Google additionally noted that one or more videos might be affected by the issue.

"The underlying issues has been identified and resolved".

In a prepared statement to Gadgets 360, a Google spokesperson said that they fixed the underlying issue and "conducted an in-depth analysis" to help prevent its future instances.

Yesterday, Google began sending email notifications to users explaining that a bug caused their videos to be included in other user's data when it downloaded via the Google Takeout service.

In an email, the search engine giant said the issue affected the Google "download your data" service - called Google Takeout - for Google Photos in November past year. "We are very sorry this happened", the spokesperson said. The problem resulted in a small number of users receiving videos in their archive that weren't theirs. This suggests if you didn't perform the export using the service, your videos weren't shared with strangers.