Facebook Messenger Kids App Announces New Safety Features, Including Parent Dashboard

  • Facebook Messenger Kids App Announces New Safety Features, Including Parent Dashboard

Facebook Messenger Kids App Announces New Safety Features, Including Parent Dashboard

The new features are available in the Messenger Kids Parent Dashboard in the iOS and Android apps. And despite Facebook's reputation, there aren't other chat apps offering these sort of parental controls - or the convenience of being able to add everyone in your family to a child's chat list easily. As well as giving new controls to parents, the company is also making it easier for children to block contacts so they can avoid messages from people they do not want to be connected with.

Facebook said the privacy policy for Messenger Kids was updated to provide additional information on its data collection, use, sharing, retention and deletion practices, as well as to preview features that will roll out at a later date, such as enabling users to provide feedback directly within the app when it isn't working properly and to take part in user surveys aimed at improving features. "They like the fact that mom and dad are there when they need them, that they can pop in when they need them".

If a child reports or blocks any contacts, posts, or messages, that information will be accessible by their parents who can also remotely log their child out of the application.

Parents can also see photos and videos sent and received by the minor's account. Nonetheless, blocked contacts will stay seen to 1 one other and can keep in shared group chats.

Kids will receive warnings if they return to or are added to group chats that include blocked contacts, and they can leave those group chats at any time.

You'll also be able to see a list of contacts your child has either blocked or reported - Facebook already sends alerts to parents through Messenger whenever their child blocks or reports someone, but it sounds like this list will act as a quick reference.

In a bid to better educate under-13s, Facebook said it will also start using "kid-appropriate language" to explain how their information is used and shared.

"It's just the convenience of where they can see that", says Nitya Madhavan, marketing lead on Messenger Kids, which is geared at kids 6-12 years old. Finally, in light of these new features and in anticipation of features that are on the way, Facebook has updated the privacy policy for Messenger Kids. "So think of a parent maybe wanting to be able to see what their child's activity is". With no advertising or in-app purchases there's no way for the company to make money directly from the app. Critically, it doesn't work across non-Apple devices, which will always be a limiter when it comes to finding an app that the extended family can use together. Your child will be notified through the Messenger Kids app when you request this information.